Everybody's Yoga studio is closed.

Abby Staten is offering classes at other locations.

Physical and Mental Wellness for War Veterans

~~ On hiatus. If you are interested in the class resuming, please contact Abby~~

At Red Cedar Dharma Hall
1021 N. Forest

Reduce stress related symptoms like anxiety, depression and insomnia, and experience increased well-being in body and mind. *

Abby Staten belongs to a statewide network of yoga teachers addressing the needs of soldiers returning from war. She has received training from VA medical staff in teaching yoga to for war veterans.

Donations requested

Please wear comfortable clothing and refrain from eating a large amount before class.

*Yoga changes the core physiology of PTSD, Clinical Implications of Neuroscience Research in PTSD, Bessel Van Der Kolk, 2006.

For more information contact Abby Staten at or 360.671.2538


"When we are attentive to our actions, we are not prisoners to our habits."
-T.K.V. Desikachar