Private Sessions

Personal practice is the most effective way to experience the gifts of yoga. A teachers's guidance is essential in selecting a practice that is relevant to your life and goals and ultimately leads to positive change and transformation.

A personal practice can be both developmental and therapeutic. It may be structural, physiological, emotional, or spiritual, and address common conditions like chronic pain, allergies, depression, and autoimmune disorders . The practice will help you identify and replace unhealthy habits and conditioning with healthy ones. This may be simple, like improving your posture, or more complex, like healing a painful relationship.

Personal yoga practice can make a valuable contribution to a person's well-being and support healing and change.

Fees: $90 for one and half hour session with Abby

"A private lesson with Abby is a joy. There is nothing better than having the complete attention of such an excellent teacher and to really be able to focus on the needs of my body and spirit. The private session helped me into a practice that I can easily do at home and away from home. It is a great gift to have given myself. I highly recommend it."
--Drew Lenore Betz

Contact Abby regarding inquiries or to schedule Individual Yoga Therapy at or 360.398.3726.